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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Think you've had a bad day????

So I came home to a huge MESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I've posted a picture for clarification. Below is a picture of the lamp that hangs over my sewing studio table. The upstairs bathroom that sits directly above the sewing studio leaked while I was away at work. Pieces of ceiling are missing and I hear men in the other room with saws and hammers, taking out the rest of what was ruined. My sewing studio has now overflown to the rest of the downstairs. It's been a sad day. A day of trying to save fabric and patterns for current or near future projects. Fortunately most everything else was safely away in the storage areas against the wall, so all was not a loss. Just another eventful day in my life. Never a dull moment as my old 5th grade teacher used to say. Tonight the water suckers clean up the mess, tear out the floors and ceiling where appropriate and tomorrow? Who knows. Hopefully an adjuster and a contractor are in my near future! I'll be ready for anything. Check back for updates... :)


  1. Oh.My.Gosh. What leaked? A pipe broke? Disaster. I think I'd cry!

  2. Just a toilet I think... (Believe it or not!)

  3. My goodness that is awful - hope it gets fixed really soon