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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magical Blooms

So I have to share a favorite shop of mine in Redondo Beach, CA. It's a place called Magical Blooms owned by Jenny Barker. She creates the most beautiful arrangements you have ever seen! There is a personal touch to everything she does. Here's a personal story about why this is anything BUT a run of the mill flower shop.

My Dad passed away on New Year's Eve a few years ago. He always made sure Mom had beautiful flowers. There used to be a little stand on Portuguese Bend called Annie's and Dad would always stop each Wednesday for a bouquet.  He always had a huge bunch of roses and other complimentary flowers delivered on Valentine's Day with a smaller arrangement for me. It made each Valentine's Day very special for both Mom and I. After Dad passed, I wanted Mom to always have beautiful flowers so I started sending them each year. I decided she should never go without flowers on Valentine's Day. Jenny personally has taken care of my orders, delivered them and helps me construct the perfect wording on each card. Because this is such an important phone call for me each and every year, I usually take too much of her time, but she's patient and kind. The most wonderful part is that she sends me pictures of the bouquet so that I know exactly what it looked like though I'm far away. Thank you so very much Jenny! You are not only a gift to those we want to receive a special gift, you are a gift to those of us who want to send something very special and unique.

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