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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Status update....

Now that my house is beautiful again and things are back where they are supposed to be, my spirits are up! While rearranging and reconfiguring my sewing studio, I started getting really excited about all of the future projects stacked up in my head. In fact, I got so excited that when I happened on some good deals, I went a little crazy. It was much fun and has filled me with a new sense of inspiration. I'll have to post some pictures soon, but I've been working on a bunch of little side projects that have been a wonderful distraction. I've gotten away from blogging like I should, but I'm trying to ajust to this new habit. One problem is that when I finally devote some time to sitting down at the computer my mind goes blank. All of the great blogging ideas I have just seem to have disappeared or seem silly.

On a different front (and maybe more interesting that hearing about a fabric allocation road trip), I'm reading my Dad's favorite book. It's called The Wanderer and is by Sterling Hayden. Very interesting so far. Sterling Hayden was an actor in many things, but the most memorable for me was when he played a dirty cop and gets shot by Al Pacino in the original Godfather movie. It's sometimes hard to picture the man behind that character as he was more of a character in real life than the movies could every portray. As I process this read I'll probably make random comments...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring has arrived!

I have beautiful blooms in my yard and the bradford pear has huge white flowers EVERYWHERE! Having my house back together as well as having the weather turn are making this a great spring to enjoy! It couldn't be better. Hope everyone else is enjoying the turn of the seasons.... I have plenty to write about and will check back in very soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recent Wine Dinner

I had a wonderful experience recently that I just have to share. I, along with my friends were able to share an intimate wine dinner experience with one of the most talented wine growers in the history of California's wine history. Gregory Graziano of the famed Graziano Family of Wines ate and drank with my friends and I after the Cincinnati Wine Festival. It was a wonderful time and I can't speak enough of Gregory. He was a wonderful host, an eloquent speaker and just all around fun to listen to. He has a passion for wine unlike any other I've ever met in recent history. If you ever have the chance to hang out with THE winemaker, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Forward Progress!!!

New flooring is going in! Here are some pictures of the progress. We are starting into Day 2! The bathroom that flooded now has a new floor and new toilet. My medallion is here and the foundation is down so I'm able to start visualizing it. Lastly, the deep dark rich hard wood in my studio is also progressing. Here are some pictures. Let me know what you think!