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Friday, April 1, 2011

Love my Fridays

I work this really strange schedule at my "real job," but the most fantastic part is that I get Fridays off to sew. It's a day where everything is quiet and I can hang out with my dogs and get things done. Sometimes I play movies or documentaries on the NetFlix to keep me company or my newly retired friend will bring her sewing stuff over and we'll talk, sew and just hang out. So here's to Friday and I hope wherever you are that you can relax this weekend, spend quality time with your loved ones and just catch up. Make the clock forbidden and just be on "you" time. It's a healthy and wonderful time especially for those who are on the East Coast with bad weather on what should be a beautiful time of year. Light a fire and make some hot chocolate and talk about summer plans!


  1. Lucky you with Fridays to sew! Great advice - indeed the snow continues to fall.

  2. I am sitting here watching it snow outside my window, and wonder, why am I on this computer and not sewing! Great inspiring post, thank you!

  3. Yay to Friday!! The starting of my weekend! ;)