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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Good Ol' Department Store

I've been thinking about this lately. One of my very favorite places to shop for fabric is this locally owned department store in a small Kentucky town with an old fashioned Main street. I know that I won't get "this years" line of fabric for lord knows how much a yard, but I know I'll get last years at an economical and fair price. I also know the people will dote on me and treat me like family.

............. Fast forward to the city version. I was in a Macy's today and as usual was presented with the same hospitality as folks probably have always received in a Macy's. I have to say this is always a comfort. There, in the traditional department store, are all kinds of services that these so called super stores can't offer. Now, everyone thinks that Macy's is expensive and it can be. If one shops smart, Macy's is a much better deal than anywhere. Today, I received 70% off, then %25 off of that on anything from stylish suits to pretty blouses.

Let's just say with services thrown in, WalMart prices and some of the best designers, you just can't beat the savings of a department store. Whether my visit be to a department store in the country or one in the city, I always get the best quality and deals.